Night of Nets is quite simple.

It uses a regularly scheduled athletic event to focus on and respond to the issue of malaria. Most schools recruit a group or committee of people to help with driving and executing the event. This group often include athletes, coaches, students on campus with global passion, parents, and school leadership.

How it Works
  • Choose an athletic contest on your campus where a net is involved.
  • Collect a $6 donation from all spectators for entry, which will go directly to provide a bed net for someone affected by malaria in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Create extra merchandise. Many schools make and sell shirts to raise more funds.
  • Donations can be made online for those who cannot attend the event but still want to support it.

A Conversation About Malaria

After choosing a Night of Nets game date, the biggest need is for effective promotion and education about the event.

This is most often done through social media networks, campus presentations, flyers/posters, and student athletes personally inviting teams and individuals. Game day crews collect the money at the event, pass out information and answer questions, sell shirts, and even share about why they want to end malaria at halftime events.

Funds that are collected can be sent to Cornerstone University with all checks made out to World Vision.

Growing Impact

Night of Nets crowds are often some of the largest on campus for athletic contests. People become aware of what’s happening in our world and get to respond to real physical needs in a way that offers hope and a future.

Sports becomes more than just a game. Bed nets are received with incredible gratitude and celebration as lifetime connections and relationships are built between two communities on opposite sides of the world. These events bring unity to the campus and often set up a model where athletic teams and other groups on campus regularly seek to use their resources to help other people in need.

Night of NetsHow It Works