For the last several years student athletes from Cornerstone University have been traveling to Zambia and have seen first-hand the impact of malaria on African families and communities. They were moved to action.

These students have fallen in love with the African people and culture as they’ve played soccer matches and been part of campaigns to help create a better future for the people of Zambia.

They’ve discovered that the bite of a mosquito is one of the deadliest actions in our world, still taking the lives of over 2000 children in Africa each night. And they’ve discovered that one of the best solutions to stopping the danger of malaria comes through sleeping under a bed net that can be purchased for the cost of a typical high school or college game admission fee.

The distribution of these life changing nets has happened in partnership with World Vision and Jubilee Ministries in communities where they are doing long-term community development project work.

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Why we do Night of Nets

Simply put, Night of Nets offers the chance to save lives and change communities in a tangible and dramatic way. There is incredible research showing the massive impact insecticide-treated bed nets have had in reducing deaths in countries in Africa. You can read more here.

The impact is huge in Africa and America both! Lives are saved, friendships and partnerships are strengthened, and high school and college students discover a greater purpose for their gifts as they meet one of the greatest needs in our world today.

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